Facial Harmonization in Issaquah, WA

Global Facial Harmonization is an advanced aesthetic concept beyond localized enhancements to achieve overall balance and symmetry in facial features. This comprehensive approach involves strategic enhancements using dermal fillers, neurotoxins, and other advanced facial techniques to harmonize facial elements.

The focal point of Global Facial Harmonization is to create a seamless integration of facial features, ensuring that each component complements the others. The process considers the individual's unique facial structure, proportions, and aging patterns to deliver a naturally balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

At SHADe, we are passionate about offering facial harmonization, a transformative and positive treatment that celebrates individual beauty while enhancing overall facial balance and symmetry, creating a look that our clients love and radiates confidence.

How is Facial Harmonization achieved?


The meticulous use of dermal fillers addresses critical areas such as the cheeks, jawline, lips, and nose to restore volume and structure. Neurotoxins may be used to refine muscle dynamics, contributing to a more harmonious facial expression. Other advanced procedures, such as Kybella, may be incorporated to address specific concerns like reducing fatty tissue in targeted areas.

Global Facial Harmonization considers not only the Golden Ratio principles but also the individual’s preferences and desired outcomes. The result is a harmonious, rejuvenated facial appearance that aligns with the person’s unique beauty, promoting balance and symmetry. This transformative approach is a testament to the intersection of science and artistry in aesthetic medicine, emphasizing a holistic and personalized perspective on facial enhancement.

Who is a good candidate for Facial Harmonization?


Facial harmonization is an ideal choice for those seeking a natural and balanced facial rejuvenation. Perfect for individuals experiencing signs of aging, concerned about facial proportions, or desiring subtle enhancements. This non-surgical solution caters to diverse needs. Facial Harmonization can be particularly beneficial for those recovering from medical conditions such as strokes by addressing facial asymmetry with targeted adjustments. Whether you’re navigating the aging process or seeking a personalized approach to enhance your unique features, facial harmonization offers a comprehensive and non-invasive solution.

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